Welcome to Concord Township!

........... the Heart of Miami County, Ohio

Policies and Regulations:


Commercial and Recreational Vehicle Parking

Parking restrictions are in force in the residential subdivisions of Concord Township. These restrictions apply to commercial tractors and/or trailers, travel trailers, house trailers, recreational vehicles, campers, truck campers, boats, boat trailers, or mobile homes. Read the complete regulation for additional details and exceptions.


Vendors and Door-to-Door Sales

In the unincorporated sections of Concord Township, it is a misdemeanor to sell, offer for sale, or solicit orders for future delivery of goods or attempt to arrange an appointment for a future estimate or sales call. Simply put, door-to-door sales and solicitations are prohibited. There are exceptions. Read the complete regulation here.


Brush Removal:

The Township picks up brush each month, March - September. Residents wishing to schedule a brush pick-up should call the Township Office at 937-339-1492 and leave your name and address.
Complete information is available on the Brush Pick-up page.


Overgrown Yards, Tall Grass, and Noxious Weeds

The Township can mow areas of overgrown grass and noxious weeds. Residents must contact the Township office in writing to report such a situation. The Township sends the land owner a letter giving them five days to correct the situation. If the land owner does not comply, the Township staff will take the necessary equipment to mow the area and the charges of $100.00 per hour will be added to the real estate taxes on the property.


Leaf Pick-Up

Leaves are collected each year during October and November. Leaves should be raked one foot away from the gutter onto the street to allow drainage in the gutter. For streets without curbs, leaves must be as close to the road as possible. Please do not rake leaves around mail boxes, trees, etc. Vehicles should be removed from the streets on collection dates. Foreign objects and limbs must be kept out of the leaves. Click here to see the complete Leaf Pick-up policy.

Township residents who do not live along the planned routes or in a less populated area can request leaf pick up by calling 937-339-1492.


Outdoor Burning

Recreational fires cannot be larger than a 4’ by 4’ circle. The flames must be less than 4’ high and the fire must be attended at all times. Fires to burn brush or trash are prohibited. Reports of illegal fires should be directed to the Regional Air Pollution Control Agency, 937-225-4435.


Barking Dogs and Amplified Noise

Concord Township has passed resolutions to allow law enforcement officers to deal with the issues of barking dogs and amplified noise. A sound amplification system means any radio, tape player, compact disc player, musical instrument, etc. that is plainly audible at a straight line distance of fifty feet or more from the property line. A public nuisance dog is defined as one that makes frequent or habitual disturbing noises, barks, howls, or yelps which are audible at a straight line distance of fifty feet or more from the property line. Should a resident of Concord Township experience one or both of these issues, you should contact the Miami County Sheriff’s Office to report the incident.


Dead Animals

The Township staff will remove dead animals from the roadways if they are Township Roads. Some roads are maintained by the County, others by the State. Call the Township Office to give the location of the animal.


Run-down Houses and Buildings

Dilapidated houses and other buildings pose a threat to public health, so complaints are handled by Miami County Public Health. Their telephone number is 573-3500.


Planning & Zoning

Many questions come in regarding fences, junk cars, construction of outbuildings, and other similar issues. Concord Township has its zoning done by the Miami County Planning & Zoning Department. The number there is 440-8121. If you want to ask about a situation to see if it falls under Planning & Zoning, please call the Township Office.


House Number Signs

Concord Township sells the green house number signs with white numbers. The single side plates are $6.00 each and the double side plates are $9.00 each. The numbers are provided at no additional charge. These signs are highly visible to emergency service vehicles (fire, Sheriff, ambulance) and are very reflective in the dark.


Solid Waste and Recycling

The Miami County Sanitary Engineering Department also takes care of solid waste and recycling. In addition to their regular services, they hold periodic “Household Hazardous Waste Days” for a nominal fee. Please call 440-3488 for more information, or visit the Sanitary Engineering portion of the Miami County website.


Junk Motor Vehicles

Junk cars or other motor vehicles may not be stored on public or private property for more than 48 hours. You can see the definition of "junk" vehicles in the full Resolution here.